Adults Gymnastics at BTYC

18+ Adults only

Sick and tired of running on a treadmill? Looking for a new way to keep fit and learn new skills? Then BTYC’s adult gymnastics class may be your next workout option.

Our BTYC adult classes are structured to provide each participant with as much freedom and flexibility to choose what skills they wish to work on during the class. This is achieved by the relaxed and open learning style used in BTYC’s adult classes. After a group warm up and stretch, each person may choose what skills or apparatus they would like to work on.

The two coaches that oversee the classes will work with you to achieve your fitness or skill specific goals or you can work on your skills independently within the gym under the supervision of our coaches.

For further information and to book in your first class free, contact the  Adult Program Manager, Adele by email or 9841 4773



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