BTYC Gymnastics Committee

President: Paul Salomon
Vice President: Narelle Edgar
Secretary: T.B.C
Treasurer: Susan Kelly

General Committee

Jacquie Vagg

Carl Forrest

Tammy Muller

Wen Tan

Sonia Lowe

Julianne Adams

Niem Tri

2020 Staff Representative 

Debra Tomsett








BTYC’s Committee of Management are an elected group of volunteers who help create and maintain the strategic direction of the club, on behalf of our members.

Recent Committee Changes:

  • An amendment to BTYC’s Constitution (Oct 15) was adopted at the 2017 Annual General Meeting
  • A copy of the updated Constitution here – BTYC Constitution (Oct 15)


BTYC Committee of Management 2020 Meeting Dates (Held in the Multipurpose Room 7.00pm)

  • Please use our calendar to see Committee Dates. Click Here