BTYC’s Child Safety Recruitment Policy

BTYC Gymnastics undertakes a comprehensive recruitment and screening process for all staff and volunteers which aims to:

a) promote and protect the safety of all children who participate in the activities of BTYC Gymnastics;

(b) identify and recruit the safest and most suitable candidates who share BTYC Gymnastics’ values and commitment to protect children; and

(c) prevent a person from working at BTYC Gymnastics if they pose an unacceptable risk to children.


  • BTYC Gymnastics requires all staff and volunteers to pass the recruitment and screening process prior to commencing their engagement with BTYC Gymnastics.
  • As part of the screening and recruitment process, an applicant must provide appropriate evidence (e.g. WWCC or other state equivalent, Police check or International Police Check) to show that they are suitable to work with children and young people in a recreational setting.
  • BTYC Gymnastics will undertake thorough reference checks prior to engaging any personnel, going further back and beyond the ‘last’ employer, to achieve this standard.
  • All BTYC are expected to attend, follow and understand all Child Safe training and/or accreditations that the club adopts.


For more comprehensive information on BTYC’s Child Safe recruitment policy, please follow the link below:

Child Safe and Child Friendly Policy