Frequently Asked Questions

Why participate in gymnastics?

Gymnastics provides a great foundation for all sports for both boys and girls of all ages. It helps develop body awareness, fitness, strength, coordination, confidence, agility and discipline. Gymnasts learn how to move, roll, jump, swing and turn upside down. Gymnastics also teaches social skills such as following instructions, being patient, resilience, listening and applying feedback.
Most importantly gymnastics is FUN! What a great way to keep children active, involved and most importantly having a GREAT TIME while participating in sport!!!

How do I know which program and class to enrol my child into?

At BTYC Gymnastics, we offer programs for children aged 18 months to adults. There are programs to suit everybody.

CLICK HERE to view the different programs from recreational to competitive.

Through our Customer Portal, you can view which days and times classes are offered and the availability. CLICK HERE to view.

 Call our friendly customer service team for further questions on 98414773 or email

How do I enrol into a class

To enrol in a class, we have an easy to use, online enrolment system through the Customer Portal. The system allows users to view the times, days and available spaces of all our classes. CLICK HERE to view classes and then create an account.

Alternatively, you can create a new account or login to your existing account by clicking HERE

For new members, you will be required to fill out your details including; responsible parties, e-mail address, contact phone numbers, address and how you heard about us, then click ‘Create Account’.

Once you have done this you will receive a confirmation e-mail, confirming that your account has been created. Next you must acknowledge and agree to our policies

Then add in the student’s details, including medical information if needed and click ‘Save Student’. Then you can either add more students by clicking ‘Add New Student’ and repeating the last instruction, or request an enrolment into one of our classes by clicking ‘Enroll in Class’.

I’m not sure if my child will enjoy the class. Do you offer a guarantee?

At BTYC Gymnastics we offer a 21 day satisfaction guarantee for new members. We believe that you should be able to see what gymnastics is all about and have time to develop a love for the sport like we do. We are so confident you will love our classes and have FUN, should you wish to cancel for any reason within the first 3 weeks (21 days), we will refund all of your fees in full. Therefore, we do not offer an individual trial but as a new member you have our satisfaction guarantee for 21 days.

This offer is available to all new members at BTYC Gymnastics within your first term.

What happens if I miss a class?

At BTYC, we offer make up sessions during the holiday periods for all programs except Kindergym. Kindergym makeups are offered during the term by contacting the office directly on 9841 4773. For all other programs, bookings are made through the customer portal under camps. A maximum of two makeup classes can be booked per term for two missed classes. Please only book in for a session if you have missed a class. If you are unsure if you have missed a class, please email the Program Manager. If you turn up for a class but you aren’t booked in, you will be turned away. Times and dates of makeup classes are available on our website.

When are fees invoiced and how do I set up a direct debit?

BTYC Gymnastics offer a direct debit method of payment with monthly class fees billed rather than the issue of term invoices. We use the services of our current banking institution Westpac and payment gateway provider PayWay, so you can be assured of the security of your credit & debit card details in line with legislation.

On the 15th of every month, the monthly class charge will be added to your iClass account and on the 1st of the following month, we will automatically debit your card for the amount outstanding. For this deduction to occur, we require you to input and save your card details into your account on the iClass Parent Portal. Below are the steps involved in logging onto the parent portal and entering your card details.

  1. Go to our BTYC website
  2. Click on the Customer Portal and click on  Login.
  3. If you haven’t logged in recently and have forgotten your password – Click on ‘Forgot Password?’ & follow the steps to have a password issued. A new password will be sent to your email address.
  4. Use this new password to log in with your email address – you can then later change your password to one of your choice.
  5. Once the rules and policies have been accepted (if logging on for the first time), you can go into the sections on the left-hand side menu to update any family and student information, view your account and previous
  6. To provide your card details – go to the section on the menu titled “Payments” and then “Manage Payment Options”.
  7. In the drop-down box “Form of Payment”, select ‘Credit/Debit card’. Fill out the required fields and then select “Submit Payment Information”. Your card details are secure with only the last 4 digits.
  8. You can log in whenever you wish to view your account. The Logout button is at the top right of the screen.

One-off charges such as competition fees/event fees will be charged to your account separately from the monthly class fee and this charge will be communicated to you. You can pay for these directly yourself via the Parent Portal or alternatively on the 1st of the month, the full amount outstanding on your account will be taken from your stored card. Please log into our parent portal now to view your account and add your card details (or check your existing stored card details). Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have or difficulty logging into the parent portal on 9841 4773.

How old do I have to be, to start gymnastics?

Our Kindergym classes start from 18 months of age. There are kindergym classes offered at BTYC Monday through to Sunday.

Am I too old to start gymnastics?

At BTYC Gymnastics we run adult classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:30pm-10:00pm . These classes are suitable for 18+. Click here for more information about prices.

You are never too old for gymnastics!!

What do I wear to my gymnastics classes?

Kindergym, Recreation, All Abilities, Trampoline and Tumbling

  • Gymnasts are highly encouraged to wear our ‘Believe That You Can’ BTYC t-shirts with shorts, leggings or bike shorts. The t-shirts are given out as part of the membership. Please visit the office to collect your t-shirt.
  • Socks are only to be worn in a trampoline class, not in a recreational class.
  • Hair must be tied back and off the face
  • Fitbits/jewellery must be taken off before class starts

Team Freestyle

  • Wear a navy singlet that can be purchased for $10 from the office.


Junior and Intermediate squads training uniform

  •  Any gymnastics leotard
  • Any suitable gymnastics shorts (optional)
  • Any BTYC leotard
  • During warm-up, cold days or occasions when the gymnast is unable to train on a particular apparatus, all WAG athletes are permitted to wear their BTYC Hoodie only, until apparatus training has resumed.

Please note: All foundation, beginner, Junior and Intermediate squads will be expected to arrive to Saturday training only, wearing the official BTYC training leotard for their level. All other training days, BTYC’s official training uniform is optional

Senior squads training uniform

  •  Any gymnastics leotard
  •  Any suitable sports singlet, compression top or crop top
  •  Any suitable shorts

Senior athletes must have a suitable top (other than a crop top) available at all times, should a coach request that they wear one, for spotting or other gymnastic purposes.


  • There is no training uniform, but Gymstar athletes are required to wear appropriate gym gear. No low-cut tops or crop tops. We recommend a leotard and shorts, or leggings / shorts and t-shirt. It is highly encouraged that Gymstar athletes wear their Gymstar t-shirt to training to foster a sense of team spirit. When competing, athletes are required to wear the Club leotard, Club scrunchie and Gymstar t-shirt (purchased from the BTYC office at Donvale). BTYC leotards are supplied by Gymwiz. Coaches will measure and organise leotards before competition seasons commence each year.


Junior and Intermediate squads training uniform

  •  Any gymnastics leotard
  • Any longs or shorts (with a club preference for shorts)
  •  Any BTYC leotard
  • Any official BTYC longs or shorts.
  •  During warm-up, cold days or occasions when the gymnast is unable to train on a particular apparatus, all MAG athletes are permitted to wear their BTYC Hoodie only, until apparatus training has resumed.

Please note: All Junior and Intermediate squads will be expected to arrive to Saturday training only, wearing the official BTYC Leotard, Shorts and Longs. All other training days, BTYC’s official training uniform is optional

Senior squads training uniform

  • Any gymnastics leotard
  •  Any suitable sports singlet or compression top
  •  Any suitable longs or shortsPlease note: Senior athletes only, may train with their top removed.

However, Senior athletes must have a suitable top available at all times, should a coach request that they wear one, for spotting or other gymnastic purposes.

For our full uniform policy please CLICK HERE


Do you run gymnastics parties?

YES! BTYC gymnastics offers exciting fun filled gymnastics birthday parties for pre-school children to adults. They include:

  • Exclusive use of the gymnasium
  • Assault and obstacle courses
  • Fun gymnastics games, apparatus circuits and freeplay
  • Special present for the birthday child
  • Invitations
  • 1hour and 30minute party 
  • Decide between the entire time in the gym or using the available  party room for BYO food and cake
  • Members discount (birthday child free!)
Can I enrol in a class mid-term?

Absolutely, if there is availability in the class you are welcome to start mid-term.To view class availability CLICK HERE or call the office on 9841 4773.

For MAG, WAG or Gymstar inquiries, please contact the relevant program manager. These programs are by invitation only.

WAG and MAG Program Manager: Ross:
GYMSTAR Program Manager: Bridget:

If my child does not want to continue how much notice do, I need to give?

If your child does not want to continue at BTYC the following notice must be provided:

For Kindergym, Girls & Boys Recreational, Trampoline & Tumbling (Recreational) and Aerobics (Recreational) – if a member decides to discontinue classes, 14 days written or oral notice must be provided. Families requesting a refund for fees paid after the 14 days’ notice are required to complete a Refund / Credit Request form. Once the form is received by the office, the appropriate refund / credit will be processed.

MAG, WAG, Trampoline & Tumbling Squads, Aerobics Squads and Gymstar – in the event that a squad athlete decides to discontinue training, four weeks’ notice must be given. Written notice must be provided to the relevant Program Manager. For Competition Fees – if an athlete withdraws from a competition, a refund will only be issued upon production of a valid medical certificate and completion of a Refund / Credit Request form.

My child wants to be part of a competitive program. How do they get involved?

Our WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics), MAG (Men’s Artistic Gymnastics) and Gymstar programs are all by invitation only.

Competitive Aerobics, Tumbling and Trampoline are open to all.

Please contact the relevant program manager for more information:

WAG and MAG Program Manager: Ross:
Gymstar Program Manager: Bridget:

Aerobics Program Manager:  Amy:

Trampoline or Tumble Program Manager: Ross:

Can I take photos or videos?

For child safety and protection, the taking of photos and videos are not permitted at the BTYC facility by club members, staff and members of the public at any time.

The only exceptions to this policy, is on the occasion that, using BTYC official devices, BTYC’s staff are filming or photographing for the purposes of marketing, athlete performance review or as a communication tool through BTYC’s official social media accounts, website or publications.

In addition to the above exceptions, during events or competitions hosted by BTYC, the club will defer to Gymnastic Victoria’s Photography and Filming policy in this instance, which does not allow the use of professional lenses, flash photography or the photography and filming of athletes other than your own.

Is there a viewing area and/ or can I drop and go?

AT BTYC we have a large viewing area where you can watch your child during their class. Alternatively, you can drop your child off. Please walk your child into the gym and pick them up inside the gym.

How do I contact my child’s coach?

Please contact the relevant program manager who will be able to assist you with your queries and concerns.


WAG and MAG Program Manager: Ross:

GYMSTAR Program Manager: Bridget:
Girls and Boys Recreation Manager: Amy:

Aerobics Program Manager: Amy:

Schools Program Manager: Brett:
Kindergym Program Manager: Jo:

Trampoline or Tumbling Program Manager: Ross:


Where can I find the WAG and MAG holiday training timetable?

To view the latest WAG holiday training timetable: CLICK HERE
To view the latest MAG holiday training timetable, CLICK HERE