To all the amazing BTYC members,

The Federal government announced on Sunday 22nd March that gyms and indoor sporting venues must close from midday today, Monday 23rd March.  Accordingly, BTYC will be closed to students effective from 12pm today.

This is a sad time for our coaches and undoubtedly our members, but we need to help protect our communities.

We know BTYC is a large part of a student’s life.  Our coaches want to remain in contact with their students and we will outline our proposed measures in these challenging times to ensure our young charges have:

  • some normality in their life
  • continued social connection
  • support for positive mental health
  • and, of course, strength and conditioning (you didn’t think we forget about strength did you??)

We will remain very active online!

The BTYC Committee want to secure our coaches jobs as long as possible and part of the online measures and contact, is part of this plan.

We want everyone back in the gym as soon as possible and we know our Club will once again be filled with eager coaches and amazingly talented students.

BTYC can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and our website.  We will be sharing a series of videos with activities you and your family can do at home to maintain your learning and keep your mind and body in shape for when we return.

We will be in touch shortly to share what we are all up to and, of course, to make sure you are staying healthy, getting plenty of exercise and doing your strength exercises (and no… we still haven’t forgotten about the importance of strength)!

If you have a request for a particular type of workout, let us know! We have plenty of time to make that happen!

For cancelled classes this week, credits will be issued. Monthly direct debits will cease from April.  Any other different term payments will be communicated directly.

Thank you to all the wonderful students who have been coming to classes and diligently following the new cleaning rules.

Believe That You Can: Together we are stronger

Yours in sport,

David Hunsdale
General Manager  |  BTYC Gymnastics